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CPTECH is the leading producer of activated carbon in Africa and the southern hemisphere.

Visit www.cptechnologies.co.za


  • Charcoal > Using patented technology and the best quality forested hardwood timber, the company can tailor-make the finest quality charcoal.
  • Activated Carbon > The value of activated carbon is its high adsorption capacity, and its ability to effectively adsorb a variety of gases, toxins and volatile organic chemical compounds.
  • Hydrocarbon Absorbent (HCA) > The value of HCA is its ability to absorb all types of hydrocarbons (crude oil, engine oil, diesel etc) , but at the same time being hydrophobic i.e. repelling water and allowing it to float on water.

The CPTECH plant at Estcourt

Karbotech - Picture aerial - from North

The property, Erf 627 and 628,  on which the plant is situated on Loskop Road outside Estcourt, measures 70 000 square meters. 




Heights Logo

THE HEIGHTS  -  Students Residence catering to the students at the Tshwane University of Technology

Visit www.tutheights.co.za


The Heights is one of the most popular student residences for students studying at the Tshwane University of Technology - TUT.  Bonatla has recently completely refurbished the residence, which can accommodate up to 867 students.

Sunny courtyards and trees make this campus residence a pleasant place to live and study

Heights Picture - Sense of Space


Students enjoying the open places to socialise

Heights Picture - Socialising on the stepsHeights Picture - Shady Tables



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